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Mitutoyo - Полный каталог инструмента - 2012-2013 Английский язык

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Company philosophy

Name, logo, philosophy                                                                      	

The Japanese name Mitutoyo – which more                                        Small Tool Instruments and
or less translates as abundance of the three                                   Data Management
elements – stands for the character traits                                     Sensor Systems
of friendliness, honesty and humility, which                                   Digital Scale and
company founder Yehan Numata valued so                                         DRO Systems
highly.                                                                        Optical Measuring
                                                                               Form Measurement
These traits were the driving force behind
the ideas of Yehan Numata, who was the son
of an admired Japanese temple priest. They
were joined by aspects of Western philoso-
phy inspired by his study of economics in the

Yehan Numata believed that each person
should demonstrate three essential qualities:
prudence, benevolence and strength. He
interpreted prudence as the gift of accurate
observation, benevolence as an expression
of compassion and goodwill toward oth-
ers, and strength as the ability to rise above
identified challenges.

These three indispensable strengths of                                         Test Equipment
human character were, to him, the pillars                                      Coordinate
that supported his entrepreneurial philoso-                                    Measuring Machines
phy implemented in the form of openness                                        Vision Measuring Systems
to innovation, fairness and a future-oriented
Three strengths for doing good deeds as a
human and being successful as a company.

Three: Japanese Mitu or, equally, Mitsu is
also a number that plays a very important
role in the cultural and spiritual life of Japan,
for example when counting the primary reli-
gious elements.

This is why Mitu or Mitsu form part of the
names of numerous Japanese companies –
for example, Mitutoyo.